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Redmond Media Group Takes Four ASBPE Awards
Redmond Developer News, Redmond Channel Partner and Redmond take top honors.

Irvine, Calif., Aug. 9, 2007-- The 1105 Redmond Media Group earned two national Gold awards and two regional Silver awards at the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) 29th Annual Awards of Excellence, held in New York City’s Roosevelt Hotel on Aug. 2.

1105 Redmond Media Group’s newest publication Redmond Developer News took the gold medal for Best New Publication. Also earning top honors in the Best New B2B Web site was the Redmond Developer News Web site (

Redmond Developer News was launched at a time when many doubted print. We forged ahead with a high-frequency magazine, dynamic Web site, newsletter, and a quickly evolving events business. Winning awards for Best New Publication and Best New Web site prove the multi-platform approach is alive and well,” said Doug Barney, vice president, editorial director, 1105 Redmond Media Group.

"The way I figure it, you only get one chance to be rookie of the year. So it's a tremendous honor to have Redmond Developer News recognized by the ASBPE as the best new publication and the best new B2B Web site," said RDN Founding Editor Michael Desmond.

1105 Redmond Media Group’s flagship publication Redmond magazine picked up two silver West regional awards for Best Editorial and Best Feature Article. In addition, two of 1105 Redmond Media Group’s primary Web sites -- and -- were runners up, placing in the Top 10 for Web publication of the year.

The ASBPE grants the Awards of Excellence in 56 print, digital and multi-platform categories. The Editorial awards are judged for quality of writing, reporting and editing; development of the subject; and presentation and value to readers. The Web awards are based on quality of reporting, writing, design, usability, readability, organization, value to readers, interactivity and effective use of technology.

The competition is open to any U.S.-based business-to-business, trade, association and professional magazines; Web, newsletter, e-newsletter publications; and their editorial and design staff. Experienced judges with background in a wide variety of business publications examine and evaluate each entry.

Redmond Media Group’s ASBPE Awards:

Gold National Award: New Publication (under 80,000 circulation)
Redmond Developer News

Gold National Award: New B2B Web Site
Redmond Developer News

Silver Regional Award: Best Editorial (over 80,000 circulation)
Redmond, Barney’s Rubble

Silver Regional Award: Best Feature Article (over 80,000 circulation)
Redmond, IT Gone Bad

About 1105 Redmond Media Group

The 1105 Redmond Media Group (RMG) provides B-to-B media solutions targeting the Microsoft market. The growing portfolio includes Redmond magazine, Redmond Developer News, Visual Studio Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner magazine, a dozen Web sites and numerous events. 1105 RMG provides news, in-depth analysis, and hands-on information for IT directors, managers, developers, administrators and partners in the Microsoft community. For more information, visit


Henry Allain
President, 1105 Redmond Media Group

About the ASBPE
Founded in 1964, the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) is the professional association for full-time and freelance editors and writers employed in the business, trade, and specialty press. The ASBPE is widely known for its annual Awards of Excellence competition, which recognizes the best in editorial, design, and online achievement. The organization also sponsors the annual ASBPE National Editorial Conference. Regular educational seminars are held by local chapters. The society is operated in accordance with a set of bylaws drafted by the national board and ratified through a member vote.

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