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Redmond Channel Partner Completes First BPA Worldwide Business Publication Audit

Irvine, CA, March 12, 2007 -- Redmond Channel Partner magazine, a publication of the 1105 Redmond Media Group, has completed its initial BPA Worldwide business publication audit.

Redmond Channel Partner was praised by Glenn J. Hansen, BPA Worldwide President, for voluntarily releasing its records to independent verification and documentation of its subscribers.

The BPA Worldwide audit facilitates the buying and selling of advertising space by providing media buyers assurance that Redmond Channel Partner is reaching a quality, targeted audience. Advertisers can be certain that Redmond Channel Partner advertising claims are accurate and verifiable.

“We’re extremely excited to have concluded the initial audit with BPA Worldwide. Redmond Channel Partner now delivers an audience of Microsoft channel partners that no other publication can match. Advertisers and marketers can now be 100% assured that this target market is being delivered with every issue of the magazine”, said Henry Allain, President of 1105 Redmond Media Group.

For copies of the initial audit and upcoming semi-annual circulation statements, visit BPA online or contact the Redmond Media Group.

About BPA Worldwide
A not-for-profit organization since 1931, BPA Worldwide is governed by a tripartite board comprising media owners, advertising agencies and advertisers. Headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut, USA, BPA has the largest membership of any media-auditing organization in the world, spanning more than 25 countries. Worldwide, BPA serves more than 2,500 media members and applicants–including more than 2,000 B-to-B publications, more than 500 consumer magazines, plus newspapers, events, Web sites, e-mail newsletters, databases, wireless and other advertiser–supported media. BPA’s membership also includes more than 2,600 advertiser and agency members. Visit for more information.

About 1105 Redmond Media Group
The 1105 Redmond Media Group provides B-to-B media solutions targeting the Microsoft market. The growing portfolio includes Redmond magazine, Redmond Developer News, Visual Studio Magazine, Redmond Channel Partner magazine, a dozen web sites and numerous events. RMG provides news, in-depth analysis, and hands-on information for IT directors, managers, developers, administrators and partners in the Microsoft community. For more information, visit

Henry Allain
President, 1105 Redmond Media Group

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